Wallpaper : Office design: the latest trends in workspace architecture

Four Hands Headquarters

Four Hands, Austin’s leading global designer and wholesaler of trendsetting lifestyle home furnishings, now can boast a brand new, state-of-the-art office space. The designer behind it is Texas based Michael Hsu and his team, who aimed to balance the client’s brand expression of classical style and nostalgia, with a forward-thinking approach and space. ‘We started with the question, ‘what if we built a house inside a warehouse?’ With 24’ high ceilings, and little access to daylight, how can we imbue this space with beauty, a human scale and sensibility?’ says Hsu. ‘Ultimately we landed on a house-like central axis, which defines the expansive workplace. It will house meetings, private offices and get-away rooms. The ‘house’ gets sliced by two light flooding paseos, bringing essential daylight and views to even the most far removed desks.’