Paper City : Western Boot Maker Opens its Largest Store Yet in Dallas—and Houston’s Next

Four years ago, Tecovas founder Paul Hedrick quit his job in management consulting and decided to open a western boot company. The Austin-based brand, which started out as online-only, began to expand into retail stores earlier this year. The first in Austin, the second in San Antonio, and now its largest location debuts in Dallas. Tecovas is now open at 3010 N. Henderson Avenue.

After graduating from Harvard, Hedrick went into business. The Dallas-native worked in consulting where he dove deep into the consumer and brand world.

Walking around the streets of Greenwich, Connecticut in his ostrich cowboy boots, he realized that there weren’t that many exciting brands out there. At least, boot brands that were high-quality and something he didn’t have to spend $600 or more on.

So, in 2015, he decided to start his own brand and cut that price in half.

“I wanted to create something timeless with high quality and comfort rather than too much pizazz,” Hedrick tells PaperCity. He’s also very involved in the design aspect of everything made. “I just rifled up some drawings I did of the first boots we ever made, The Earl.”

When it came to starting his own company Hedrick says that he needed to scratch a creative itch. “I wanted to do it on my own,” he says.

As for opening up actual retail locations to sell all of Tecovas products, “I wanted to be more than a website and create a physical experience, which people still crave,” Hedrick says.

The newest Henderson location isn’t just the largest of the Tecovas stores so far, but makes great use of the space. Designed by Austin-based Michael Hsu Office of Architecture, the 4,000 square foot space is Western with a modern twist. There’s an old shoe shining station set up in a small lounge area with a bar, bar stools and wood-paneled mural of the Dallas skyline behind.

Also sprinkled throughout the space are hide rugs, distressed trunks, and of course, tons of boots. The original wood flooring adds to the charm of the modern cowboy theme.

“The goal was to not make it feel like a store,” says Hedrick. “People come in and spend time. We make it feel like a cool house with comfortable furniture, Topo Chico, maybe beers one day.”

And the Dallas Tecovas store sells everything that’s available online, as well as a few store exclusives like T-shirts, hats and koozies. “It’s one experience overall,” Hedrick says.

Hedrick’s favorite boots to wear himself are The Roy in Granite Suede and The Dillon for a dressier feel in Pecan Caiman.

As for what’s up next, Tecovas will be opening up two more stores in Houston and Oklahoma City. Opening dates TBD.

Originally posted on Paper City