Austin Curbed : Austin’s 10 best social media accounts for homes and real estate

Unlike its natural wonders, Austin’s built environment has always been a mixed bag—but if you look at it just right, everything is enchanting. Fortunately, there are some great people who know just those angles, and many of them have been busy photographing and archiving the city for quite some time.

Whether you’re just looking for eye candy, want to know more about Austin’s landmark buildings past and present, or are searching for design inspiration, real estate, or both, there are plenty of informed and talented locals whose social media accounts you should follow. Below are 10 of the best to seek out on Instagram, just to get you started.

Mid Tex Mod

A sort of one-stop shop of Central Texas modernism, Mid Tex Mod is the regional chapter of modernist movement preservation organization Docomomo. Its Instagram is full of local midcentury wonders—residential, commercial, and public—including a mix of preserved and lost spaces.

Andrea Calo

Calo (who works with Curbed from time to time) is one of Austin’s best photographer of interiors and architecture. Her IG account reflects the breadth of both her talents and of design in Austin as it happens, on the spot.

Creede Fitch

Austin real estate agent and modernism aficionado Fitch is a bit of a traveler, so you’ll see a lot of far-flung places on his feed. He also posts photos of his new home/ongoing home project frequently. The good news is that he has a great eye for inspiring design—in his home, in Austin, and everywhere. He’s a specialist in Austin modernism and has an eye on local furniture and decor shops, and he’s a camper-van enthusiast as well. If you’re looking for more hardcore real-estate, his website filters out the modern and modern-inspired homes on the market in a soothing environment that’s a nice break from hectic listings sites.

Killy Scheer

Like Fitch, interior designer Scheer is a traveler, or at least that’s what her Instagram indicates, and has an eye for inspiration from multiple locations. In addition to including posts from her travels, nice shots of Austin buildings and public spaces, and her own great work, her account is a great way to follow along on Austin’s many home tours, which showcase some of the best local designers (including Scheer).


We’ve featured the @temple_plaza’s fantastic photography in pieces focused on both the University of Texas and St. Edward’s campuses, but those stories offer only a glimpse of the semi-mystery photographer’s skills and fine eye. The photos here focus on the architectural, both in Austin in other places, but they are equally about light, framing, detail, and wonder. This is one of those accounts that make it hard not to go down that rabbit hole.

Preservation Austin

The longtime nonprofit that focuses on “saving the good stuff” in Austin’s built environment has a good mix of residences, iconic buildings, and historic photos on its IG account. This is another one that makes you want to take a deep dive into the past and future of any number of significant Austin sites.

The Renner Project

Legendary local designer Kimberly Renner restored historic homes in Austin for more than 20 years and now owns and operates a 5,000-square-foot store and studio where she curates and presents high-style, 20th century modern, vintage, and antique pieces curated in a series of “roomscapes” that showcase both her excellent eye and the many gorgeous pieces she has for sale. The Renner Project Instagram offers a glimpse into her inspired and inspiring world.

Michael Hsu Office of Architecture

It’s impossible to choose one or two or twelve of Austin’s deep bench of great architects, but it’s a little easier when you narrow it down to architects who have had a massive and lasting influence on the city. Such is the case with Hsu’s firm, which has an IG feed light on marketing and heavy on nicely shot buildings and interiors, as well as nifty renderings.


Austin History Shreds

While not strictly limited the built environment, there are plenty to see here, both in the background and front and center. True to its motto, “How Y’all Made It Weird,” it focuses on many of Austin’s smaller spaces, past and current, which have a vernacular style all their own.

Elite 25 Austin

This account displays the listings of 25 Realtors and brokers in Austin (chosen yearly), mostly in the luxury realm. It’s a mixed bag, but there are fewer McMansions than one would expect, and many are homes Curbed Austin has featured due at least in part to some unique aspect. If it’s tony real estate eye candy from Austin you seek, this is the feed to follow.


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