Archinect : Feast your eyes on the AIA|LA 2018 Restaurant Design Award-winning projects

Honoring the best restaurant interior design in L.A.’s diverse food scene and beyond, the AIA|LA 2018 Restaurant Design Awards have concluded with the announcement of the winners!


Photo : Casey Dunn

Category : Restaurant
ATX Cocina, Austin, TX. Designed by : Michael Hsu Office of Architecture

Jury Comments : This project presented design harmony—in all aspects and throughout. From the material palate to the color palate, and just the way the space were arranged, even the selection of furniture. | This is one of the projects that really attempted to customize every aspect of the space. The ceiling detailing—it’s a pretty spectacular portion of the project, and, not only the curved ceiling, but even its flat portion realized a high amount of detail. | The red, this bold hue—the blue as well: this is Texas. | There are forty different items that are actually detailed, but they work together as a single project.


Photo : Chase Daniel

Category : Cafe/Bars
Jugo, Austin, TX. Designed by : Michael Hsu Office of Architecture

Jury Comments : This project really starts at the entrance with the door handle, the pink wrapped metal. Right from the start you get a sense of levity and something different. | We appreciate the subtlety of every detail. When you look at each one separately it’s not significant but when put together in this tiny space, the architect really used the details to make this space sing. | It’s also an experiment in contrasts, but it still remains very subtle and tastefully done. The neutral tones of materials balanced by bright pops of color. The heaviness and finished quality of the marble counter top against the rustic wood base. | We liked the pink wrapped shelves—a very fun sort of playful use of color in the midst of a very simple color palate in the rest of the design.

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